Managing Committee :

Prof. Sabita Archarya
Director, International Office
Vice Chancellor ,Utkal University
Brief Profile:

Prof. S. M Patnaik teaches anthropology at University of Delhi (since 1989) and currently vice chancellor of Utkal University, Odisha. His return to Odisha after 36 years has brought out transformative changes in Utkal University as most of you must be aware of. He has been a Full bright Nehru visiting fellow at the University of Virginia (2011-12 ) and also a visiting Professor at university of California, Berkeley (2013). He has been Advisor to Government of Nagaland on sustainable tourism development policy and have been a co-founder of Anthropology without Borders, an academic body committed to inter disciplinary research in four countries India, South Africa, Brazil and United States. He has done field work in Nepal , Sri Lanka, eastern and central India and Nagaland of north east of India. Many international publications to his credit, Prof Patnaik has authored 4 books and 40 research papers. His area of interest includes Anthropology of Development ,Globalization and Indigenous communities , Ethnographic Methods , Public Policy and anthropology of tourism. Currently he is President of Indian Anthropological Association , and Vice President of IUAES ( International Union of Anthropological Sciences ) and Chair of its scientific Commission on " Anthropology, Public Policy and Development Practice ".

Prof. Asima Ranjan Parhi
Co-ordinator, International Office
Prof.Nigamananda Das
Co-ordinator IDP(WB)
Shri Dayanidhi Nayak
Member Secretary
Dr.Seema Mallick
Co-coordinator, International Office

Assistant Co-ordinator :

Dr.Swapna Prabhu

  Political Science

Dr. Kirti Ranjan Mallick


Dr. Jyortirmayee Tudu

  Public Adiministration

Ms. Sasmita Soren


Ms.Sunanda Patnaik


Mr. Sanjaya Kumar Sarangi

  Comp. Sc and Appl.

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