Activities and Outreach Programs

  1. Workshop on “Internationalization of Higher Education: Why, What and How” under the guidance of Mr. Francisco Marmolejo, Lead Education Specialist for India, World Bank on 28th June, 2018.
  2. Two Day Symposium on the theme GLOBAL INNOVATION DESIGN in Collaboration with the Imperial College, London on 8th & 9th August, 2018.
  3. Research Scholar’s workshop in collaboration with the United States International Educational Funding (USIEF) and the Fulbright Outreach Program on September 18th 2018.
  4. Participation of Research Scholars from Utkal University in an International Workshop on "Building Intercultural Competency: Perspectives from India and Italy" at University of Delhi on 20th September, 2018 organised by the Indian Anthropological Association in collaboration with Utkal University and University of Bologna, Italy.
  5. Academic meet on the theme “Odisha: Higher Education for a better tomorrow” in the Make in Odisha Conclave 2018 held from 11th to 15th November 2018.
  6. A Special talk by Dr. Vitalino Similox, Rector, Maya Kaqchikel University (UMK), an Indigenous University from Guatemala on Indigenous Universities in Guatemala: Challenges and Strategies” on 1st December, 2018. Future collaborations are worked out.
  7. A Special talk on the theme ‘Aluminum; The Future Metal: Challenges and Applications’ under World Bank OHEPEE project on 31st January, 2019.
  8. A special lecture by Dr. Joe Magner, Professor in the Department of Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering, University of Minnesota on March 23, 2019.
  9. World Bank-OHEPEE sponsored National Seminar on the theme Internationalization of Higher Education in India on 31st March, 2019.
  10. A Roundtable Discussion on ‘Volunteerism, Social Entrepreneurship and Intercultural Solidarity’ on 2nd May, 2019 with international youth volunteers working under Erasmus Mundus and European Commission and YOSE (Youth Opportunities in Social Econmy).
  11. Round Table discussion on “Aluminum Gods: Mining and Religiosity along Odisha’s Bauxite Supply Chain” on 24th May, 2019 with a Visiting Fulbright-Hays Scholar Ms. Karlie Fox-Knudtsen from Cornel University.

Proposed Activities

    Two International Conferences on the themes:

  1. “Science, Society and Politics in South Asia”
  2. Internationalization of Higher Education in East India” proposed to be held by end of 2019 or early 2020.

    Memorandums of Understanding with Universities abroad:

  1. University of California, Berkley
  2. North Eastern University, Boston, USA
  3. Department of Anthropology, East Germany University, Tuebingen, and Gothe University, Frankfurt, Germany (operational since 2015).
  4. Department of Bio- technology along with Science and Engineering research board ( SERB-DST) and Baylor College of Medicine , Houston, Texas, USA
  5. Utkal University is in the process of developing academic and research collaborations with RIKEN, Japan (Prof. Zhang Computational Biology).

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